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Using The Pulse Feature; Using The Ingredient Cap; Overload, Jam, & Thermal Safeguards; Power-On Safeguard - KitchenAid KCB148SGR - Pro Line Commercial Bar Blender Use And Care Manual

Commercial blender
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Using the Pulse Feature

To pulse the ingredients in the blender, move the On/Off/Pulse Switch to
the "Pulse" position and hold it for the desired length of time. The
switch will instantly return to the "Off" position when released and the
blender will stop. When pulsed, the blender operates at low speed for
maximum control. The Pulse feature is great for blending jobs which
require a delicate touch.

Using the Ingredient Cap

Ingredients can be added to the blender by removing the ingredient
cap from the lid. To remove, rotate the cap counter-clockwise
and lift. Featuring 1 and 2 oz. (30 and 60 ml) volume lines, the cap
can be used as a convenient measuring cup.
NOTE: When operating the blender at higher speeds, with a full jar, or
with hot contents, stop blender before adding ingredients.
Overload, Jam, and Thermal Safeguards
The electronic controls of the blender will automatically shut off the
unit when:
The blender becomes overloaded due to a too-heavy ingredient
The blender blades are jammed and will not rotate.
The motor becomes overheated.
Please refer to the troubleshooting section on page 15 for more

Power-On Safeguard

If the blender is plugged in with the On/Off/Pulse Switch in the "On"
position, the blender will not start. Please refer to the troubleshooting
section on page 15 for more information.



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