Changing The Quantity Of Coffee In The Cup; Regulating The Coffee Mill - Whirlpool ACE 100 IX Instructions For Use Manual

Fully-automatic 'bean to cup' in-column coffee machine, ace 100 ix
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When proceeding, always completely extract the drip tray, to avoid
that it falls when removing the grounds container.
Empty the grounds container and clean thoroughly, making sure all
residues deposited on the bottom are removed.
IMPORTANT: when removing the drip tray, the grounds container MUST
be emptied, even if it is not completely full. If this is not done, when
next making coffee the grounds in the container may exceed the maxi-
mum level and block the appliance.
NOTE 8: while the appliance is running off coffee, never remove the
water tank. If it is removed, the appliance will not be able to make the
When using the appliance for the first time, 4-5 cups of coffee need to be made before the applian-
ce starts to give satisfying results.
If the appliance malfunctions, do not contact the service centre straight away.
The problem can almost always be resolved by following the instructions indicated in paragraphs 14 and 15.
If this is not the case, or for further explanations, contact the customer service.


The appliance is factory preset to automatically deliver the following quantities of coffee:
short (when the
standard (when the
long (when the
To change these quantities, proceed as follows:
press the button corresponding to the quantity you want to change (
8 seconds until the message "PROGRAM QUANTITY" is displayed;
when the coffee in the cup reaches the required level, press the same button again to memorise the new


However, after making the first coffees, if you find that coffee delivery is either too fast or too slow (in drips),
the grinding coarseness regulator can be adjusted (fig. 10).
Turning it 1 click (1 number) clockwise speeds up coffee delivery (without drips).
Turning it 1 click anticlockwise slows down delivery giving a creamier appearance to the coffee.
These adjustments will only be evident after at least 2 cups of coffee have been run off.
The grinding coarseness regulator must only be turned when the coffee mill is on.
(Coffee has been used to factory test the appliance and it is therefore completely normal for there to be tra-
ces of coffee in the mill. This appliance is however guaranteed to be new).
button is pressed);
button is pressed);
button is pressed);
Turn anticlockwise to obtain finer ground coffee, slower delivery
and a creamier appearance.
Turn clockwise for coarser ground coffee and faster delivery
(not a drop at a time).
) for at least

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Table of Contents

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