Before First Use; Using For The First Time - Whirlpool ACE 100 IX Instructions For Use Manual

Fully-automatic 'bean to cup' in-column coffee machine, ace 100 ix
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• After removing the packaging, make sure the product is complete and undamaged. If in doubt, do not
use the appliance and contact a qualified professional.
• Installation must be carried out by a qualified techncian and in compliance with current regulations.
• Packing elements (plastic bags, polystyrene etc) must not be left within reach of children as they may
represent a hazard.
• Never install the appliance in environments where the temperature may reach 0°C or lower (the applian-
ce may be damaged if the water freezes).
• Make sure the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage indicated on the appliance rating plate.
Connect the appliance to an efficiently earthed socket with a minimum current rating of 10A only. The
manufacturer may not be considered liable for possible incidents caused by the failure to adequately
earth the mains.
• If the power socket does not match the plug on the appliance, have the socket replaced with a suitable
type by a qualified professional.
• Observance of safety directives requires that a multi pole switch with a minimum contact gap of 3 mm be
used for the installation.
• Do not use multiple plug adapters or extension leads.
• The power cable on this appliance must not be replaced by the user as this operation requires the use of
special tools. If the cable is damaged or requires replacing, contact an authorised service centre only to
avoid all risks. For the electrical connection use a HO5 VV-F type cable as indicated in the table below:
• You should personalise water hardness as soon as possible following the instructions in paragraph 12.6.
• The pull-out runners for securing the coffee maker to the housing are screwed to the bottom of the coffee
maker with four screws.
• Remove the fixing screws and fit the runners as indicated in the instructions (paragraph BUILDING-IN);
the screws are not required for installing the coffee maker.
• The appliance's DATA PLATE is positioned on the side of the coffee maker so that it remains visible after
installation when the machine is removed from its housing.
To learn how to operate the appliance correctly, when you use it for the first time, follow the step-by-step
instructions given in the following paragraphs.


The first time you switch on the appliance and every time that it is plugged in, when you press the main
ON/OFF switch (A), the appliance makes a SELF-DIAGNOSIS operation and then switches off; to turn it on,
press the
button (2) on the control panel.
1. The first time you use the appliance, select the language.
Press the main ON/OFF switch on the rear side of the appliance; the lights on the front side and the dis-
play go on; wait for the appliance to display:
Press the OK button for at least 3 seconds until the appliance displays:
230 V~ +
Amount x size
3 x 1.0 mm

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Table of Contents

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