Changing And Setting The Menu Parameters; Setting The Clock; Setting Auto-Start Time; Descaling - Whirlpool ACE 100 IX Instructions For Use Manual

Fully-automatic 'bean to cup' in-column coffee machine, ace 100 ix
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NOTE 2: If it is hard to insert the infuser, before inserting it squeeze it to the right size by pressing it force-
fully from the top and bottom simultaneously, as shown in figure 27.
NOTE 3: If it is still hard to insert the infuser, leave it out of the appliance, close the service door, unplug from
the mains then plug in again.
Wait for all the lights to go off, then open the door and replace the infuser.
• replace the drip tray, complete with the grounds container;
• close the service door.


The following menu parameters and functions can be changed by the user:
• Clock
• Auto-start time
• Descaling process
• Coffee temperature
• Length of time the appliance remains on
• Water hardness
• Factory default values

12.1 Setting the clock

To set the clock, proceed as follows:
• Press the
appliance displays
• Press the
• Press the
button to confirm the value;
• Press the
button to exit programming mode or
When the appliance is in stand-by, you can see the hour by pressing one of the buttons (except the

12.2 Setting auto-start time

This enables the time the appliance will come on automatically to be programmed.
• Make sure the clock on the appliance is set as described above.
• Press the
• Press the
changed rapidly).
• Press the
button to confirm the value,
• Press
once and the appliance displays the message:
Press the
• Press the
button to activate auto-start;
• Press the
(the light over the button comes on) then press the
button to set the clock. (If you hold the
button then press the
button to set the auto-start time. (If you hold the
button to modify the function (the appliance displays AUTO-START YES");
button to exit programming mode or the
CLOCK 00:00
button repeatedly until the appliance displays:
button repeatedly until the
, button down, the time is changed
to change other parameters.
, button down, the time is
button to change other parameters.

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Table of Contents

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