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Troubleshooting - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Operating Instructions Manual

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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If you believe that something is wrong with your product, take the time to check whether the product has been
operated incorrectly before asking a service engineer to conduct repairs.
1. Self-diagnosis test for main unit
The main unit's basic test is automatically conducted when its power switch is set to the ON position. When
this test is completed without error, a beep will sound once.
If trouble has been detected, the beep will sound two or more times. In a case like this, the product may have
been installed improperly or a hardware error may be to blame.
2. Basic checks
Check out the following points.
1) Has the power cable been fully plugged into both the main unit and power outlet?
2) Have the power switches of the main unit, personal computer's monitor and monitor (Video) for monitoring
the pictures all been turned on?
O Are the power lamps on all the units lighted?
3) Is the personal computer's monitor connected properly to the main unit?
Connect the monitor to the SVGA-I/F connector L on page 11 of Parts and Their Functions.
(For details on the monitor connections, refer to page 13.)
4) Have the accessories been connected properly to the rear panel connectors?
(See page 12)
O Included among the accessories are the keyboard and mouse.
O The connectors for the keyboard and mouse have the same shape. Is the keyboard connected to the
mouse connector and is the mouse connected to the keyboard connector?
5) Have the contrast and brightness of the personal computer's monitor and monitor (Video) for monitoring the
pictures been adjusted?
O If no display appears, faulty adjustments may be to blame.
6) Has the system been started up with a floppy disk already inserted in the floppy disk drive?
O When the main unit's power switch is set to the ON position with a floppy disk already inserted in the
floppy disk drive, the main unit will attempt to start up the system from the floppy disk drive, resulting in a
startup failure.
3. Check out the Troubleshooting Chart
If the symptom persists even after the basic checks have been carried out, check the "Suggested remedial
action" for the symptom concerned on the following Troubleshooting Chart.
If the trouble still persists, contact your dealer.
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