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Panasonic AJ-DE97P Operating Instructions Manual page 22

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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Symptoms related to floppy disk drive
$ The floppy disk drive's access lamp
remains lighted or the system fails
to recognize the floppy disk drive.
Suggested remedial action
O Has the product been started up with a floppy disk already inserted in
the floppy disk drive?
When its power switch is set to the ON position, this product checks
whether a floppy disk has already been inserted in the floppy disk
drive, and it then starts the product. If a floppy disk has not been
inserted, startup proceeds from the built-in system hard disk; if a disk
has been inserted, the product is started up from the floppy disk
For normal use, set the power switch to the ON position while there
is no floppy disk in the floppy disk drive: this will ensure that the
system starts up properly.
O Check out the following points if this problem should occur while a
floppy disk has been inserted the floppy disk drive at times other than
1. Is the floppy disk damaged in any way?
(Check this using a trouble-free disk.)
2. Has the disk been inserted properly?
(Has it been inserted upside down?)
3. Does the editing application program lock up or does some other
software problem occur at the same time?
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