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Features; Warning - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Operating Instructions Manual

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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All-in-one tower design
This system contains a internal VTR for uploading and downloading data.
This feature translates into savings in terms of both the cost and space required for an externally connected
VTR, and it enables DVCPRO tapes to be loaded just like floppy disks or magneto-optical disks. The unit also
contains a hard disk for audio-video recording, and its size is the same as a tower-type personal computer. It
can be placed by the side of a desk for highly efficient editing operations.
Transfer and saving at twice/4 times normal speed
Data can be uploaded and downloaded between the internal VTR and hard drive at a speed of 2a (DVCPRO
50) or 4a (DVCPRO): this makes it possible to accomplish the preparatory work which has been viewed as a
kind of bottleneck in non-linear editing much more quickly.
Same high picture quality recording as with DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO
The same digital component compression recording system as for DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO is used to record data
onto the hard disk. The resulting picture quality is higher than that achieved by JPEG which has been adopted
by many non-linear editors (comparison made at the same transfer rate).
Furthermore, 140 minutes (with DVCPRO 50) or 280 minutes (with DVCPRO) of video and/or audio data can be
recorded on the internal hard drive (standard specification: 72GB).
Transfer of data while still compressed
Data still in a compressed format can be uploaded and downloaded between the internal VTR and hard drive.
Due to the absence of the A/D (D/A) conversion and compression/expansion processes, the picture quality of the
data is not subject to any deterioration whatsoever during the transfer process.
Editing of data while still compressed
In the case of cut editing, the unit leaves the recorded data completely unchanged. With the data still in its
compressed form, changes are made only to the read sequence and positions. During recording, the
compressed data does not need to be expanded at all, and it can be edited up to the form taken by the
completed package. This means that high picture quality is maintained even after editing.
(When the special effect and superimpose functions are used, the data is expanded into full bit digital video data,
and compressed back again after processing.)
Real-time preview of special effects
The unit contains a switcher so that wipe, dissolve and other special effects can be previewed on a real-time
basis during A/B roll editing. Trial-and-error operations can be repeated any number of times while checking
how the results turn out.
External VTR control (RS-422A)
The unit's RS-422A (9 Pin) remote connector enables a wide range of analog or digital VTRs to be controlled.
This feature can also be used to introduce material or transmit perfect package programs using external VTRs.
All the proven features of the AJ-DE77's operation system adopted
The user interfaces of the AJ-DE77 have served as a solid foundation on which to introduce improvements into
the system's operating ease.
Streamlined operations using mouse
All the operator has to do in order to add, replace or delete cuts is rearrange the clips by operating the mouse.
Cut editing can be achieved with excellent response.


1. This unit must not be used on board a vehicle.
Doing so may damage the hard disk drive and destroy the data.
2. The user must not install any software programs which have not been designated for
use with this system.
The system may not operate properly if such programs are installed. For further details, consult your dealer.
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