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Maintenance And Care; Video Head Cleaning; Condensation - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Operating Instructions Manual

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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Maintenance and Care

O In order to deliver a high performance, this unit contains some precision-made mechanisms.
To keep the unit in perfect working order for as long as possible, remember to maintain and take care of
this machine.
Lubrication, parts replacement, electrical component adjustment and servicing all require sophisticated
technology and equipment. Do not attempt to do any of these activities yourself but consult with your
dealer and follow the recommendations given.
O Failure to remove dust and dirt accumulated inside the unit, replenish the lubricating oil, replace worn parts
(heads, etc.) and otherwise inspect and maintain your unit will not only make it impossible to achieve good-
quality pictures and proper recordings but will also shorten the unit's service life. It is recommended that
maintenance and inspections be performed as soon as they are required.

Video head Cleaning

This unit has an auto head cleaning function which automatically reduces the dirt on the heads. However, to
further increase the unit's reliability, it is recommended that its video heads be cleaned every day.
Use the cleaning fluid designated by Panasonic.


Condensation occurs due to the same principle involved when droplets of water form on a window pane of a
heated room. It occurs when the unit or tape is moved between places where the temperature or humidity
varies greatly or when, for instance:
O It is moved to a very humid place full of steam or a room immediately after it has been heated up.
O It is suddenly moved from a cold location to a hot or humid location.
When moving the unit to locations such as these, leave it standing for about 10 minutes rather than switching
on the power immediately.
If condensation has formed on or in the unit, the AUTO OFF lamp lights and the cassette tape is
automatically ejected.
Keep the power supplied and simply wait until the AUTO OFF lamp goes off.
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