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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference Manual Page 55

Ssl services module command reference.
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Chapter 2
Commands for the Catalyst 6500 Series SSL Services Module
This example shows how to enter the subinterface configuration submode:
ssl-proxy (config)# interface ssl-proxy 0.6
ssl-proxy (config-subif)#
This example shows how to configure the specified subinterface with an IP address and subnet mask:
ssl-proxy (config-subif)# ip address
ssl-proxy (config-subif)#
This example shows how to configure the HSRP on the SSL module:
ssl-proxy(config)# interface ssl-proxy 0.100
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# ip address
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 1 ip
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 1 priority 110
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 1 preempt
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 2 ip
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 2 priority 100
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# standby 2 preempt
ssl-proxy(config-subif)# end
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type time—Specifies the preemption type and delay; valid values are as follows:
minimum time—Specifies the minimum delay period in delay seconds; valid values are from 0
to 3600 seconds (1 hour).
reload time—Specifies the preemption delay after a reload only.
sync time—Specifies the maximum synchronization period in delay seconds.
timers [msec] hellotime holdtime—Configures the time between hello packets and the time before
other routers declare the active hot standby or standby router to be down; valid values are as follows:
msec—(Optional) Interval in milliseconds. Millisecond timers allow for faster failover.
hellotime—Hello interval (in seconds); valid values are from 1 to 254 seconds. If you specify
the msec keyword, the hello interval is in milliseconds; valid values are from 15 to
999 milliseconds. The default is 3 seconds.
holdtime—Time (in seconds) before the active or standby router is declared to be down; valid
values are from x to 255; x is the hellotime plus 50 milliseconds and is rounded up to the nearest
1 second. If you specify the msec keyword, the holdtime is in milliseconds; valid values are
from y to 3000 milliseconds; y is greater than or equal to 3 times the hellotime and is not less
than 50 milliseconds. The default is 10 seconds.
Catalyst 6500 Series Switch SSL Services Module Command Reference
interface ssl-proxy


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