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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference Manual Page 132

Ssl services module command reference.
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Chapter 2
Commands for the Catalyst 6500 Series SSL Services Module
standby preempt
When you use group number 0, no group number is written to NVRAM, providing backward
IP-redundancy clients can prevent preemption from taking place. The standby preempt delay sync
delay command specifies a maximum number of seconds to allow IP-redundancy clients to prevent
preemption. When this expires, preemption takes place regardless of the state of the IP-redundancy
The standby preempt delay reload delay command allows preemption to occur only after a router
reloads. This provides stabilization of the router at startup. After this initial delay at startup, the
operation returns to the default behavior.
The no standby preempt delay command disables the preemption delay but preemption remains
enabled. The no standby preempt delay minimum delay command disables the minimum delay but
leaves any synchronization delay if it was configured.
This example shows how to configure the router to wait for 300 seconds (5 minutes) before attempting
to become the active router:
ssl-proxy (config-subif)# standby preempt delay minimum 300
ssl-proxy (config-subif)#
Catalyst 6500 Series Switch SSL Services Module Command Reference


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