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Crypto Pki Import Pkcs12 - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference Manual

Ssl services module command reference.
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Chapter 2
Commands for the Catalyst 6500 Series SSL Services Module

crypto pki import pkcs12

To import a PKCS12 file to the SSL Services Module, use the crypto pki import pkcs12 command.
Syntax Description
This command has no default settings.
Command Modes
Global configuration
Command History
Cisco IOS Release
12.1(13)E and
SSL Services Module
Release 1.1(1)
SSL Services Module
Release 3.1(1)
Usage Guidelines
If you are using SSH, we recommend using SCP (secure file transfer) when importing a PKCS12 file.
SCP authenticates the host and encrypts the transfer session.
If you do not specify pkcs12_filename, you will be prompted to accept the default filename (the default
filename is the trustpoint_label) or to enter the filename. For the ftp: or tftp: value, include the full path
in the pkcs12_filename.
You will receive an error if you enter the pass phrase incorrectly.
If there is more than one level of CA, the root CA and all the subordinate CA certificates are exported
in the PKCS12 file.
crypto pki import trustpoint_label pkcs12 file_system [pkcs12_filename] pass_phrase
Specifies the trustpoint label.
Specifies the file system. Valid values are as follows:
ftp:—Imports from the FTP: file system
nvram:—Imports from the NVRAM: file system
rcp:—Imports from the RCP: file system
scp:—Imports from the SCP: file system
tftp:—Imports from the TFTP: file system
(Optional) Specifies the name of the PKCS12 file to import.
Specifies the pass phrase of the PKCS12 file.
Support for this command was introduced on the Catalyst 6500 series
The syntax for this command changed from crypto ca to crypto pki.
Catalyst 6500 Series Switch SSL Services Module Command Reference
crypto pki import pkcs12


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