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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference Manual Page 22

Ssl services module command reference.
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Using the CLI String Search
Table 1-4
_ (underscore)
To enter these special characters as single-character patterns, remove the special meaning by preceding
each character with a backslash (\). These examples are single-character patterns matching a dollar sign,
an underscore, and a plus sign, respectively.
\$ \_ \+
You can specify a range of single-character patterns to match against command output. For example, you
can create a regular expression that matches a string containing one of the following letters: a, e, i, o, or
u. One and only one of these characters must exist in the string for pattern matching to succeed. To
specify a range of single-character patterns, enclose the single-character patterns in square brackets
([ ]). For example,
matches any one of the five vowels of the lowercase alphabet, while
matches any one of the first four letters of the lower- or uppercase alphabet.
You can simplify ranges by entering only the end points of the range separated by a dash (-). Simplify
the previous range as follows:
To add a dash as a single-character pattern in your range, include another dash and precede it with a
You can also include a right square bracket (]) as a single-character pattern in your range. To do so, enter
the following:
The previous example matches any one of the first four letters of the lower- or uppercase alphabet, a
dash, or a right square bracket.
You can reverse the matching of the range by including a caret (^) at the start of the range. This example
matches any letter except the ones listed:
This example matches anything except a right square bracket (]) or the letter d:
Catalyst 6500 Series Switch SSL Services Module Command Reference
Characters with Special Meaning (continued)
Special Meaning
Matches the beginning of the string.
Matches the end of the string.
Matches a comma (,), left brace ({), right brace (}), left parenthesis ( ( ),
right parenthesis ( ) ), the beginning of the string, the end of the string, or a
Chapter 1
Command-Line Interface


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