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Installation Instruction; Installation Place; Operation Noise - Haier AU84NBTBAA User Manual

Outdoor unit network two by one type room air conditioner
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Installation Instruction

Installation place

Do not install the air conditioner in a place where the inflammable gas maybe
exists. The inflammable gas around the air conditioner may cause fire accident.
Make sure if the outdoor unit is firmly fixed on the foundation. Improper
installation may cause fall over leading to accident.
Avoid the place where high frequency electromagnetic waves are generated.
Avoid the place with to much oil, vapor and salinity, such as, seashore and hotspring
area and the area with sulfurated gas, etc. corrosive gas. If install in these places,
trouble easily occurs and the air conditioner needs special maintenance.
The space around the air inlet and outlet of the outdoor unit is open not influe
ncing ventilation.
Avoid the place where the strong wind directly blows to the air inlet and outlet
of outdoor unit.
When using the air conditioner in the area with heavy snowfall, the outdoor unit
must be equipped with snow-protective frame and snow-protective cover. For
details, please contact the after-sales service worker.

Operation noise:

Install in the place with intensity as high as possible to prevent the noise and
vibration from spreading to other places.
If there is obstacle around the air outlet of the outdoor unit, the operation noise
may become higher.
Place where the operation noise, cold air and hot air will not disturb the neighbors.
Electric wiring:
The power cable must equip with grounding wire to guarantee the air conditioner
is effectively grounded through the power cable. Not grounded or improper
grounding may cause electric shock. Do not connect the grounding wire to the
gas pipe, city water pipe, lightning rod or telephone line.
No matter in any installation place, a creepage breaker must be installed. If do
not install creepage breaker, it may cause electric shock, etc. accidents. After
finishing wiring, power on the unit to perform the electricity leakage detection.
The breaker of the air conditioner should be all-pole switch,and the distance
between its two contacts should be on less 3mm.Such means for disconnection
must be incorporation in the fixed wiring.
Only use the proper specified fuse. Do not use cable or other materials to replace
the fuse, otherwise it may cause fire and other trouble.
The power supply should be complied with the specified rated voltage and use
the special circuit for air conditioner only.



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