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Electric Wiring - Haier AU84NBTBAA User Manual

Outdoor unit network two by one type room air conditioner
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Electric wiring

The wiring work should commissioned to a qualified worker according to the
installation manual to perform. The air conditioner must use special power
circuit. Insufficient power capacity or improper
work may cause electric shock and fire.
When wiring, the power cable must use the specified cable to firmly connect
and fix. Do not let the external force of the cable transfer to the terminal block.
Improper connection or fixation may
cause heat and fire, etc. accident.
Must connect with grounding wire.
Connect with grounding wire as specified. Unreliable grounding may lead to
electric shock. Do not connect the grounding
wire on the gas pipe, city water pipe,
lightning rod or telephone line.
The breaker of the air conditioner should be all-pole
swith,and the distance between its two contacts should
be no less 3mm.
The Creepage breaker must be installed.
If not installing Creepage breaker may easily cause
electric shock. After wiring, please power on the unit to detect electricity leakage.
If the power cable is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be changed by
the manufacturer or its repair center or the similar professional personnel. For
the power cable of indoor unit, please mate it according to the manual of indoor
Avoid the electric wire touching the high temperature part of the connection pipe,
in order not to the insulation part of the cable be melted causing accidents.
After connecting to the terminal block, the connection wire should be bent to a
U-shaped bend and use wire presser to fix.
The control connection wire and the refrigerant pipe can be arranged and fixed
Before performing vacuumizing the refrigerant pipe system, do not power on
the outdoor unit,
The power cable of indoor unit and the connection wire of indoor and outdoor
unit should be complied with what the operation manual of indoor unit specified.
The connection of power cable should be complied with the local wiring regulations.
Power supplying mode
Supply power respectively (not use power distribution device)
The minimum section area of wire (mm
nection wire of metal pipe and synthetic resin pipe )
Power supply
3N~, 380-400V, 50Hz
Below 20m
Below 50m
) (the con-
Knife switch (A)
Creepage breaker



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