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Safety Precautions - Haier AU84NBTBAA User Manual

Outdoor unit network two by one type room air conditioner
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Safety Precautions

The following lists four kinds of safety precaution items and suggestions:
Warning: Improper use may cause death or serious injury.
Notice: Improper use may cause body hurt or unit damage; in some
circumstance, it may cause serious results.
: Those contents marked with ìProhibitionî are definitely prohibited action,
otherwise, it may cause unit damage or risk to usersí safety.
: Those contents marked with ìForcedî are definitely forced action, other-
wise, it may cause unit damage or risk to usersí safety.
The following safety precautions must be observed.
This safety precautions should keep in hand for reference.
When transfer the air conditioner to a new user, this manual should also be given
to the new user together with the unit.
Commissioned installation
The installation work should be done
by the after-sales service worker.
Selfinstallation may cause water
leakage, electric shock and fire accident
because of improper installation.
Equip the grounding wire
The grounding wire cannot be
connected to gas pipe, city water pipe,
lightning rod or telephone line.
Improper grounding may
cause electric shock.
Ask after-sales service worker to take
measure to prevent refrigerant from
If the leaked
refrigerant exceeds
a certain density, it will cause lack of
oxygen. If the room installed with air
conditioner is too small, do take enough
measure in order to avoid lack of
oxygen even if refrigerant leaks.
During the unit operation, do not insert
fingers or other articles alike into
the air inlet, outlet and louver.
Because the high-speed
fanis very dangerous, it
may cause hurt.
If abnormal conditions (sear smell)
occur, please stop the unit, turning
off the electric power and contact the
after-sales service center for solution.
If still using the unit under this
circumstance, the air conditioner may
be damaged and may also cause
electric shock or fire accidents.
When the air conditioner must be
dismantled and reinstalled, please ask
the after-sales service center to do
this work.
Improper installation
may cause water leakage, electric
shock and fire.
It is strictly prohibited to rebuild the
air conditioner by yourself.
Improper rebuilding may
cause fire, electric shock
and water leakage.
When needing repair, please ask the
after-sales service work for help.
Improper maintenance and
repair may cause water
leakage, electric shock and fire.
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