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Installation Of Outdoor Unit - Haier AU84NBTBAA User Manual

Outdoor unit network two by one type room air conditioner
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Installation of outdoor unit

Choose of installation place
Please install at the place that can sufficiently bear the weight of the unit. The air
conditioner cannot be installed on a nonmetal frame (e.g. theft guard), place with
insufficient intensity will cause the unit fall down leading to body hurt accident.
The installation work shall be preventive to typhoon and earthquake. If the
installation work does not meet with the requirements, overturn of the unit will
occur resulting in accidents.
Installation space
(1)When installing, connect the outdoor unit and
put the working surface in order (as right Figure
shown). The distribution device of the power
is installed on the side of the outdoor unit,and
installed according to the installation manual
of the distribution device.
(2)In order to guarantee the performance of
the unit and the need of working and
maintenance, the needed space should
beleft around the unit (referring to the right
Note: When there is obstacle over the unit, the obstacle should keep at least
2000mm from the outdoor unit. The height of the obstacles around the
outdoor unit should be over 400mm lower than the top of the unit.
1.Carrying of outdoor unit
After the wood packing of the outdoor unit
is opened, when loading and unloading,
please pay attention to the following points.
(1)When use forklift to carry the unit, insert
the lift fork of the forklift into the special
holes of the base for loading and unloading.
(2)When lifting installation, use 4 pieces of
wire ropes with diameter over 6mm.
(3)The contact part between the wire ropes and
the unit body should be covered by protection
cushion to prevent the unit from deforming
and damaging the unit surface.
2.Installation of outdoor unit
The connection space among outdoor units
should not be less than 20mm.
Absorb in
Absorb in
The planform of outdoor unit
Protection cushion
Blow out
Absorb in
Working, repair surface
Over 300mm
Over 20mm
(front side)
Wire rope
Base panel
Wire rope
M12 foot screw bolt
4 screws each unit



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