Haier AU84NXTBAA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit free multi air conditioning system
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Free Multi Air Conditioning System

Outdoor Unit

Installation Manual

No. : 0010575120
Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the air conditioning unit.
Please keep this manual safe for future use.



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  • Page 1: Outdoor Unit

    Free Multi Air Conditioning System Outdoor Unit Installation Manual No. : 0010575120 Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the air conditioning unit. Please keep this manual safe for future use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Cautions... 2-3 Unit components...4 Safety precautions...5-6 Installation diagrams...7-8 Trouble shooting ...9-10 Installation instructions... 11-12 Installation of the outdoor unit...13-23 Installation note...24...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Cautions Disposal of old air conditioning units Before disposing of an old air conditioning unit that is no longer useable, please make sure it's inoperative, power supply disconnected and safe. It must be noted that all air conditioning systems contain refrigerants, which require specialized waste disposal in accordance with current legislation.
  • Page 4: Unit Components

    Cautions All electrical repairs must be carried out by qualified air conditioning electrician/contractors. Inadequate repairs may result in a major source of danger for the user of the air conditioning unit. Do not damage any parts of the air conditioning unit that carries refrigerant by piercing or perforating the tubes with sharp or pointed items, crushing or twisting any tubes, or scraping the coatings off the surfaces.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Unless the circuit breaker is installed, it could cause elecrical shocks. Install on the place where can endure the weight of air conditioner. Bodily injury could result by a careless installation. WARNING Do not poke the air inlet or outlet with a bar, etc.
  • Page 6 If the structure is not repaired immediately, the unit could topple down to cause apersonal injury. WARNING When the air conditioner is relocated, contact your dealer or a pro- fessional installer. Make sure to use a fuse of proper electric rating.
  • Page 7: Installation Diagrams

    Installation diagrams 1. Combination instructions 1) Duo combination 2) Trio combination 3) Quattro combination Gas line Liquid line Indoor unit Model 42000BTU 42000BTU Gas pipe 19.05mm 19.05mm Liquid pipe 9.52mm 9.52mm Indoor unit Model 28000BTU 28000BTU 42000BTU Gas pipe 15.88mm 15.88mm 19.05mm 9.52mm...
  • Page 8: Installation Diagrams

    Installation diagrams 2. Limitations on the piping work (Take a trio combination as an example) FQG-B180(GAS) The piping length information, please refer the following table. Unit Item Size of the liquid side connection pipe A1/A2 liquid pipe Size of the gas side connection pipe A1/A2 Gas pipe Size of the liquid side connection pipe B1 Liquid pipe...
  • Page 9: Trouble Shooting

    Isn't it warming up? When the air conditioner does not operate properly after you have checked the above mentioned items or when the following phenomenon is observed, stop the operation of the air conditioner and contact your sales dealer.
  • Page 10 Water or steam generates from the outdoor unit during heating. When the air conditioner is started, when the compressor starts or stops during operation or when the air conditioner is stopped, it sometimes sounds "shuru shuru" or "gobo gobo". It is the flowing sound of the refrigerant, and it is not a trouble.
  • Page 11: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions CAUTIONS: To ensure proper installation, read "Cautions" carefully before working. After installation, start the unit correctly and ensure that you show the customer how to operate and maintain the unit. Meanings of Warning and Cautions: WARNING Incorrect operations may result in death or serious injuries. CAUTION Incorrect operations may result in damage to the air conditioning unit.
  • Page 12: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Avoid such places where: (a) Oil mist or oil gas exists, such as kitchen, or plastic parts may age, or a water leakage may occur. (b) Where there is corrosive gas. Copper tube and welded parts may be damaged due to corrsion, causing leakage.
  • Page 13: Installation Of The Outdoor Unit

    Installation of the outdoor unit Selection of installation site It should be installed at places where it is firm enough to withstand the weight of the air conditioner to prevent falling. Typhoon and earthquake prevention. It should be installed according to specific requirements.
  • Page 14 Installation of the outdoor unit Refer to the following figure for the distance between the foundation bolts. (2)When the refrigerant pipe is connected from the bottom of the unit,the unit should be raised at least 500mm(see the figure below) (3)In snowy regions,snow-proof facilities should be used(see the figure below).
  • Page 15 Installation of the outdoor unit (2) Piping size Liquid pipe 9.52x0.8mm AU84NXTBAA Gas pipe 19.05x1.0mm Inlet pipe 19.05mm FQG-B180 Outlet pie 15.88mm Liquid pipe 9.52x0.8mm 28000BTU/h Indoor unit Gas pipe 15.88x1.0mm Liquid pipe 9.52x0.8mm 42000BTU/h Indoor unit Gas pipe 19.05x1.0mm (3).
  • Page 16 Installation of the outdoor unit (4)Installation of the brand pipe (FQG-B180(GAS)) CAUTION! Please do not bend the connecting pipe at the welding place. If this kind of bending must be taken, please leave at least an 150mm straight pipe(See Fig.). Horizontal Ground (5) It should installation the liquid check-ring and accumulator according to the outdoor unit and...
  • Page 17 Installation of the outdoor unit Leakage testing Leakage testing must be done after the connection of the refrigerant pipes according to the following diagram. Close all the gas and liquid valves.To prevent nitrogen gas from invading the outdoor circulating system,close the valve tightly before pressure increase, (Both the gas and liquid valves must be tightly closed).
  • Page 18 Installation of the outdoor unit Step 1:Charge for more than 3 minutes under 0.3MPa(3.0kgf/cm Step 2:Charge for more than 3 minutes under 1.5MPa(15kgf/cm -----------Serious leakage may be found. Step 3:Charge for more than 24 hours under 3.0MPa(3.0kgf/cm ----------Small leakage may be found. Check for pressure decrease Without pressure decrease-Pass With pressure decrease-Check for leaage.
  • Page 19 Installation of the outdoor unit Use a vacuum pump with high degree of vacuum(below-755mmHg) and large volume displacement (above 40L/min) The pumping time depends on the length of the connecting pipe.Generally,it takes about 2-3 hours.Make sure that the Y-shaped valves on both the gas and liquid sides are closed before pumping.
  • Page 20 1.Calculation of refrigerant density Calculation will be made according to the following methods: 1) Total refrigerant content of each system (kg) =content of 1 outdoor system + refilled refrigerant Content of 1 outdoor system:Factory filled refrigerant Refilled refrigerant:Filled content during installation according to the diameter and length of the liquid piping.
  • Page 21: Electric Wiring

    Note: When connecting the wiring,confirm the terminal number of indoor and outdoor units carefully. Incorrect wiring will damage the controller of air conditioner or the unit can not operate. Power line...
  • Page 22 Installation of the outdoor unit Electric wiring Wiring method of outdoor unit: Power line Remove the repair board of the outdoor unit and loosen the wire cover A,then put the live wire, neutral wire and grounding wire through the wire cover A,and connect them to terminal block correspondingly.
  • Page 23 Installation of the outdoor unit Note: When connecting power line to power supply terminal, please pay attention to the following items: 1. Do not connect the power line with different dimensions to the same connection wire end. Improper contact will cause heat generation. 2.
  • Page 24: Installation Note

    After installation,please fill in the following form for easy daily maintenance: Check for installation and test run Please operate the air conditioner according to the operation manual. Check items for test run, put mark " Gas leakage from pipe connection?
  • Page 25 Installation note...