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HP ProCurve 3400cl-48G Installation And Getting Started Manual: Reset Button; Clear Button

Hp procurve 3400cl-48g: install guide.
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Introducing the Switch
Front of the Switch

Reset Button

This button is used to reset the switch while it is powered on. This action clears
any temporary error conditions that may have occurred and executes the
switch self test.

Clear Button

This button is used for these purposes:
If the Link (Lnk) indicator LED is lit, each port LED displays link infor-
mation for the associated port.
If the port LED is in Link mode and it is blinking, the port has failed its
self test. The Fault and Self Test LEDs will be blinking simultaneously.
If the Activity (Act) indicator LED is lit, each port LED displays activity
information for the associated port—it flickers as network traffic is
received and transmitted through the port.
If the Full Duplex (FDx) indicator LED is lit, the port LEDs light for those
ports that are operating in full duplex.
If the Speed (Spd) indicator LED is lit, the port LEDs behave as follows
to indicate the connection speed for the port:
Off = 10 Mbps
Flashing = 100 Mbps (the flashing behavior is a repeated on/off cycle
once every 0.5 sec.)
On = 1000 Mbps
Deleting Passwords - When pressed by itself for at least one second, the
button deletes any switch console access passwords that you may have
configured. Use this feature if you have misplaced the password and need
console access.
This button is provided for your convenience, but its presence means that
if you are concerned with the security of the switch configuration and
operation, you should make sure the switch is installed in a secure
location, such as a locked wiring closet.
Restoring Factory Default Configuration - When pressed with the
Reset button in a specific pattern, any configuration changes you may
have made through the switch console, the web browser interface, and
SNMP management are removed, and the factory default configuration is
restored to the switch. For the specific method to restore the factory
default configuration, see
on page
11, in chapter 4, "Troubleshooting" of this manual.
"Restoring the Factory Default Configuration"


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