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HP ProCurve 3400cl-48G Installation And Getting Started Manual: Mode Conditioning Patch Cord For Gigabit-lx

Hp procurve 3400cl-48g: install guide.
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Mode Conditioning Patch Cord for
The following information applies to installations in which multimode fiber-
optic cables are connected to a Gigabit-LX port.
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Mode Conditioning Patch Cord cables only apply to one Gigabit operation.
Mode Conditioning Patch Cord cables are not supported for 10 Gigabit
Unlike Gigabit-SX, which connects to only multimode fiber-optic cabling,
Gigabit-LX can use either single-mode or multimode cable. Multimode cable
has a design characteristic called "Differential Mode Delay", which requires
that the transmission signals be "conditioned" to compensate for the cable
design and thus prevent resulting transmission errors. Since Gigabit-SX is
designed to operate only with multimode cable, Gigabit-SX mini-GBICs can
provide that transmission conditioning internally.
Gigabit-LX mini-GBICs, since they are designed to operate with both single-
mode and multimode cable, do not provide the transmission conditioning
internally. Thus, under certain circumstances, depending on the cable used
and the lengths of the cable runs, an external Mode Conditioning Patch
Cord may need to be installed between the Gigabit-LX transmitting device
and the multimode network cable to provide the transmission conditioning.
If you experience a high number of transmission errors on the Gigabit-LX
ports, usually CRC or FCS errors, you may need to install one of these patch
cords between the Gigabit-LX port in your switch and your multimode fiber-
optic network cabling, and between the Gigabit-LX transmission device and
the network cabling at the other end of the multimode fiber-optic cable run.
A patch cord must be installed at both ends.
The patch cord consists of a short length of single-mode fiber cable coupled
to graded-index multimode fiber cable on the transmit side, and only
multimode cable on the receive side. The section of single-mode fiber is
connected in such a way that it minimizes the effects of the differential mode
delay in the multimode cable.
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If you are using good quality graded-index multimode fiber cable that adheres
to the standards listed on
conditioning patch cords. This is especially true if the fiber runs in your
network are relatively short. If you are using single-mode fiber-optic cabling,
there is no need to use mode conditioning patch cords. Connect the single-
mode network cable directly to the Gigabit-LX mini-GBIC.
Switch Ports and Network Cables

Mode Conditioning Patch Cord for Gigabit-LX

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