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HP ProCurve 3500-24 Reference Manual: Multicast Protocols; High Availability And Redundancy; Management

Hp procurve 3500-24: reference guide.
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Multicast protocols

• IGMP data-driven
High availability and redundancy
• VRRP: Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (requires Premium License) allows groups of two routers to
dynamically back each other up to create highly available routed environments .
• IEEE 802.3ad LACP: Link Aggregation Control Protocol and HP ProCurve trunking support up to 36 trunks,
each with up to 8 links (ports) per trunk .
• Port trunks, or link aggregation groups, can operate across multiple modules to increase redundancy.
• Supports various redundant power supply configurations:
– The Switch 8206zl/5406zl provides slots for two internal supplies . This can provide 1+1 redundancy for
both PoE and system power needs .
– The Switch 8212zl/5412zl provides slots for four internal supplies . This can provide 1+1 redundancy similar
to the Switch 5406zl . You can use the internal supplies for 1+1 backup; two backing up two for both PoE
and system power needs .
• Hot-swappable/Hot-insertable line interface modules, so as not to interrupt network operation.
• Management module is removable/upgradable: The switch does not have to be powered off to remove a
management module from a Switch 5400zl series . However, when the management module is removed, all
ports will lose communication and the system will be powered down .
• Removable Redundant Management modules (8200zl only): The Management Modules are designed to be
hot-swappable and can be removed without damage . Using the "MM Shutdown" button will gracefully shut
down the Management Module, completing any synchronization of files and state information to the second
(Standby) Management Module prior to removing the active module .
• Server-to-Switch Distributed Trunking: enables load-balancing and increases resiliency between a server
and multiple switches . This feature allows a server to connect to multiple switches with one logical trunk that
consists of multiple physical connections .
• Other Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundant protocols include MSTP, HP ProCurve switch meshing, and OSPF-ECMP.
• Remote intelligent mirroring: mirrors selected ingress/egress traffic based on ACL, port, MAC address, or
VLAN to a local or remote 8200/6200/5400/3500 switch anywhere on the network
• RMON, XRMON, and sFlow: provide advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities for statistics, history,
alarms, and events
• Command authorization: leverages RADIUS to link a custom list of CLI commands to individual network
administrator's login; also provides audit trail
• LLDP: Link Layer Discovery Protocol allows automated device discovery for easy mapping by network
management applications
• Friendly port names: allow assignment of descriptive names to ports
• Dual flash images: provide independent primary and secondary OS files for backup while upgrading
• Multiple configuration files: allow multiple configuration files to be stored to flash image
• Uni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD): monitors cable between two switches and shuts down the ports on both
ends if the cable is broken, turning the bi-directional link into uni-directional; this prevents network problems
such as loops
• Configuration, monitoring, and management tasks can be performed using the CLI (through direct console or
telnet) connection, Web browser, Menu interface, and HP ProCurve Manager
• MSTP pre-configuration: reduces MSTP configuration complexity and enhances management productivity
• Transceiver pre-configuration: streamlines deployment of switches in remote locations


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