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HP ProCurve 3500-24 Reference Manual: Overview Of Features And Benefits; Performance; Security Features

Hp procurve 3500-24: reference guide.
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Overview of features and benefits

The HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl, 5400zl, 3500, and 6200yl series use the same software image base and ship
with the Intelligent Edge feature set standard . For the HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl, 5400zl, and 3500 series,
the IP Base Routing feature set is also standard; an optional Premium License is available to enable Advanced
Routing features . For the HP ProCurve Switch 6200yl, the Advanced Routing feature set is also standard . The IP
Base Routing feature set includes Static Routing and RIP . In addition to OSPF, the Advanced Routing feature set
includes additional aggregation layer features: Q-in-Q, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, OSPF-ECMP, and VRRP . The primary
differences among these switch families are hardware-related and include such aspects as port density and the
number of power supplies and fans .
The following summary of features and benefits applies to the HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl, 5400zl, 3500, and
6200yl series . Any differences that exist among the switches are noted .
• ProVision ASIC technology: powered by the ProVision ASICs, the switch families offer state-of-the-art high-
capacity switch fabric performance—691 .2 Gbps for the 8212zl/5412zl, 345 .6 Gbps for the 8206zl/5406zl,
153 .6 Gbps for the 3500yl-48G-PWR, 105 .6 Gbps for the 3500yl-24G-PWR and 6200yl-24G-mGBIC,
16 .8 Gbps for the 3500-48 and 3500-48-PoE, and 12 .0 Gbps for the 3500-24 and 3500-24-PoE .
• Selectable queue configurations: increase performance by selecting the number of queues and associated
memory buffer that best meet the requirements of network applications .
Security features
• Virus Throttle: connection Rate Filtering thwarts virus spreading by blocking routing from certain hosts
exhibiting abnormal traffic behavior
• ICMP throttling: defeats ICMP denial-of-service attacks by enabling any switch port to automatically throttle
ICMP traffic
• Filtering capabilities: include fast, flexible Access Control Lists (ACLs), up to 3,000 per module (in later
release, more precise detailed control via the fast Policy Enforcement Engine), source port, multicast MAC
address, and other protocol-based filtering capabilities
• Switch CPU protection: provides automatic protection against malicious network traffic trying to shut down the
• Detection of malicious attacks: monitors ten types of network traffic and sends a warning if an anomaly
occurs, signaling the detection of a potential malicious attack
• USB secure autorun: uses USB flash drive to deploy, troubleshoot, or update switches; works with secure
credential to prevent tampering
• STP root guard: protects STP root bridge from malicious attack or configuration mistakes
• DHCP protection: blocks DHCP packets from unauthorized DHCP servers, preventing denial-of-service attack
• BPDU port protection: blocks Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) on ports that do not require BPDU, preventing
forged BPDU attack
• Dynamic ARP protection: blocks Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) broadcast from unauthorized hosts,
preventing eavesdropping or data theft of network data
• Dynamic IP lockdown: works with DHCP protection to block traffic from unauthorized host, preventing IP
source address spoofing
• Identity Driven Manager: supports HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM) which can dynamically apply
per-user security, access, and performance settings to infrastructure devices based on approved user, location,
and time


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