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LG GB3133PVGK Manual page 6

Combination fridge freezer with built-in water dispenser in platinum silver(gross capacity 315 litres)
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Important Safety Instruction
Avoid the heating devices.
It may cause fire.
Do not place flower vase, cup, cosmetics, medicine
or any container with water on the fridge-freezer.
It may cause fire, electric shock or
injury by dropping down.
Use the submerged fridge-freezer after checking it.
It may cause electric shock or fire.
When gas is leaked, do not touch the fridge-freezer
or the outlet and ventilate the room immediately.
• The explosion by spark may cause
fire or burn.
• Because this fridge-freezer uses
natural gas (isobutene, R600a) as
the environment-friendly
refrigerant, even a small amount
(80~90g) is combustible. When the gas is leaked by the
severe damage during delivering, installing or using the
fridge-freezer, any spark may cause fire or burn.
Do not spray water at the outside or the inside of
the fridge-freezer or do not clean it with benzene or
Deterioration of insulation of electric
parts may cause electric shock or fire.


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