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LG GB3133PVGK Manual page 5

Combination fridge freezer with built-in water dispenser in platinum silver(gross capacity 315 litres)
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Important Safety Instruction
Water tank can fill with potable
water only.
Do not install the fridge-freezer in the wet place or
the place which water or rain splashes.
Deterioration of insulation of electric
parts may cause electric leakage.
Do not use or store inflammable materials ether,
benzene, alcohol, medicine, LP gas, spray or
cosmetics near or in the fridge-freezer.
It may cause explosion or fire.
Do not place the lit candle within the fridge-freezer
to deodorize.
It may cause explosion or fire.
Do not store the medicine or the academic materials
at the fridge-freezer.
When the material with the strict
temperature control is stored, it may be
deteriorated or it may make an
unexpected reaction to cause any risk.
Do not use the combustible spray near the fridge-
It may cause fire.


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