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LG GB3133PVGK Manual page 3

Combination fridge freezer with built-in water dispenser in platinum silver(gross capacity 315 litres)
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Important Safety Instruction
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons when using your product, basic safety
precautions should be followed, including the
following. Read all instructions before using this
1. When connecting the power
The dedicated outlet should be used.
• Using several devices at one outlet
may cause fire.
• The electric leakage breaker may
damage food and the dispenser may
be leaked.
Do not allow the power plug to face upward or to
be squeezed at the back of the fridge-freezer.
Water may be flown into or the plug
may be damaged, which causes fire or
electric shock.
Do not allow the power cord bent or pressed by the
heavy object to be damaged.
It may damage the power cord to cause
fire or electric shock.
Do not extend or modify the length of the power
It causes electric shock or fire by the
electric damage of the power cord or
Unplug the power plug when cleaning, handling or
replacing the interior lamp of the fridge-freezer.
• It may cause electric shock or injury.
• When replacing the interior lamp of
the fridge-freezer, make sure that the
rubber ring for preventing the electric
spark within the socket is not taken off.


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