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Additional Features - Whirlpool W10343071A Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool washer/dryer user manual
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Select End of Cycle signal
Your dryer may have an End of Cycle signal. The signal is
helpful when drying items that should be removed from the
dryer as soon as it stops. The End of Cycle signal is part of
the PUSH TO START button and is selectable. Turn the PUSH
TO START button to ON or OFF. The signal will sound only if
the selector is set to ON.
NOTE: When the Tumble Press
End of Cycle signal is on, the tone will sound every 5 minutes
until the clothes are removed or the Tumble Press
begin cycle
Push and hold the PUSH TO START knob to begin the cycle.
Promptly remove garments after cycle has completed to reduce
wrinkling. Use the Tumble Press
when you are unable to remove a load from the dryer as soon
as it stops.
setting is selected and the
feature to avoid wrinkling


To obtain a drying rack for your dryer, follow the instructions
included in your dryer drum. Remove and discard any
packing material before use.
Use the drying rack for items that you do not want to tumble
dry, such as sweaters and tennis shoes. When you use the
drying rack, the drum continues to turn, but the rack remains
The drying rack is intended for use with the Manual Dry/
Timed Drying cycles only. The drying rack cannot be used
with Automatic cycles.
To use the drying rack:
IMPORTANT: Do not remove the lint screen.
1. Open dryer door.
2. Align the two hooks on the front of the drying rack with
the holes in the dryer door opening and press down fully
into holes. Rest the rear support on the dryer back ledge.
3. Place wet items on top of the drying rack. Allow space
around items for air to circulate. The drying rack does
not move, but the drum will rotate. Make sure items do
not hang over the edges or between drying rack grille.
4. Close the door.
5. Select a Timed Drying/Fluff Air, or Low Temperature
cycle. Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be
dried on a clothesline or by using the Fluff Air setting.
6. When the cycle is selected, the Estimated Time
Remaining display shows the default time. You can
change the actual time in the cycle by increasing or
decreasing the cycle time.
7. Start the dryer.
NOTE: Check the lint screen and remove any lint
accumulated from items dried on the drying rack
after the cycle is finished.

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