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Using Your Washer - Whirlpool W10343071A Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool washer/dryer user manual
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Sort and prepare your laundry
• Empty pockets. Loose change, buttons, or any small object
can pass under the agitator and become trapped, causing
unexpected sounds.
• Sort items by recommended cycle, water temperature,
and colorfastness.
• Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled.
• Separate delicate items from sturdy fabrics.
• Do not dry garments if stains remain after washing, because
heat can set stains into fabric.
• Treat stains promptly.
• Close zippers, fasten hooks, tie strings and sashes, and
remove non-washable trim and ornaments.
• Mend rips and tears to avoid further damage to items
during washing.
Helpful Tips:
• When washing water-proof or water-resistant items, load
• Use mesh garment bags to help avoid tangling when washing
delicate or small items.
• Turn knits inside out to avoid pilling. Separate lint-takers from
lint-givers. Synthetics, knits, and corduroy fabrics will pick up
lint from towels, rugs, and chenille fabrics.
NOTE: Always read and follow fabric care label instructions to
avoid damage to your garments.
Add detergent
Add a measured amount of detergent into the bottom of
the washer basket before adding clothes. If using an Oxi or
color-safe bleach laundry boost product, add to the bottom
of the washer basket, as well.
IMPORTANT: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to
determine the amount of detergent to use.

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