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Casio user's guide label printer kl-780
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Table of Contents
Part 1
Getting Acquainted
This part of the manual provides you with important information you need to
know in order to use the Label Printer to its full potential. Be sure to read it
carefully before using the Label Printer for the first time.

Important Precautions

• Keep your Label Printer out of areas subject to temperature extremes, moisture
and direct sunlight. The recommended temperature range is 10° to 35°C (50°
to 95°F).
• Don't let coffee, juice or other liquids splash onto the Label Printer.
• Never let paper clips, pins or other foreign objects get into the tape outlet slot
or printer of the Label Printer.
• Do not pile heavy objects on top of the Label Printer.
• Never try to take the Label Printer apart or attempt your own maintenance.
• Do not drop your Label Printer and avoid strong impact.
• Do not pull on the tape or try to force it back into the Label Printer.
• Do not use benzine, thinner, or other volatile chemicals to clean the exterior
of the Label Printer. Use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth dampened in a weak
solution of a mild, neutral detergent and water. Wring the cloth out until all
excess moisture is removed.
• A dirty printer head can cause printing to become smudged. When this
happens, clean off the printer head by wiping it with a cotton swab moistened
with alcohol (page E-20).
• Use of the Label Printer next to a television or radio may interfere with reception.

General Guide

1 Power Key
Turn power on and off.
2 Function key
3 Letter keys
4 Contrast dial
5 Tape outlet
6 Tape cutter button
7 Optional AC Adaptor connector
8 Liquid crystal display (LCD)
9 Battery compartment

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Table of Contents

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