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Maytag PRECISION TOUCH CONTROL 500 Use And Care Manual: Oven Light; Storage Drawer

Precision touch control 500 electric slide-in smoothtop.
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Oven Light

(style varies by model)
• Disconnect power to range before replacing light bulb.
• Allow oven to cool before replacing light bulb.
• Make sure bulb cover and bulb are cool before touching.
To replace oven light bulb:
1. When oven is cool, hold bulb cover
in place, then slide wire retainer
off cover. Note: Bulb cover
will fall if not held in place
while removing wire retainer.
2. Remove bulb cover and light
3. Replace with a 40-watt appliance bulb.
4. Replace bulb cover and secure with wire retainer.
5. Reconnect power to range. Reset clock.
1. Use a dry potholder and very carefully unscrew bulb cover
and bulb.
2. Replace with a 40 watt, oven-rated appliance bulb. Bulb
with a brass base is recommended to prevent fusing of
bulb into socket.
3. Replace bulb cover and reconnect power to oven.
4. Reset clock.

Storage Drawer

The storage drawer can be removed to allow you to clean
under the range.
To remove:
1. Empty drawer and pull out to the first stop position.
2. Lift up the front of the drawer.
3. Pull out to the second stop position.
4. Grasp sides and lift drawer up and out.
To replace:
1. Fit the ends of the drawer glides into the rails in the range.
2. Lift up the front of the drawer and gently push in to the
3. Lift drawer up again and push until drawer is closed.
Do not store plastic, paper products, food or flammable
materials in this drawer. The drawer may become too warm
for these items when the oven is in use.
first stop position.


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