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Maytag PRECISION TOUCH CONTROL 500 Use And Care Manual: Safety

Precision touch control 500 electric slide-in smoothtop.
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Installer: Please leave this guide with this appliance.
Consumer: Please read and keep this guide for future refer-
ence. Keep sales receipt and/or canceled check as proof of
Model Number __________________________________
Serial Number __________________________________
Date of Purchase ________________________________
If you have questions, call:
Maytag Customer Assistance
1-800-688-9900 USA
1-800-688-2002 Canada
1-800-688-2080 (U.S. TTY for hearing or speech impaired)
(Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8 pm Eastern Time)
Internet: http://www.maytag.com
In our continuing effort to improve the quality and performance
of our cooking products, it may be necessary to make changes
to the appliance without revising this guide.
For service information, see page 23.
Important Safety
Warning and Important Safety Instructions appearing in
this guide are not meant to cover all possible conditions
and situations that may occur. Common sense, caution,
and care must be exercised when installing, maintaining,
or operating the appliance.
Always contact the manufacturer about problems or
conditions you do not understand.
Recognize Safety Symbols, Words, Labels
WARNING – Hazards or unsafe practices which
COULD result in severe personal injury or death.
CAUTION – Hazards or unsafe practices which
COULD result in minor personal injury.
Read and follow all instructions before using this
appliance to prevent the potential risk of fire, electric
shock, personal injury or damage to the appliance as a
result of improper usage of the appliance. Use appliance
only for its intended purpose as described in this guide.
To ensure proper and safe operation: Appliance must
be properly installed and grounded by a qualified
technician. Do not attempt to adjust, repair, service, or
replace any part of your appliance unless it is specifically
recommended in this guide. All other servicing should be
referred to a qualified servicer.
Always disconnect power to appliance before servicing.
WARNING: To reduce risk of
tipping of the appliance from
abnormal usage or by excessive
loading of the oven door, the appliance must
be secured by a properly installed anti-tip
To check if device is properly installed, look underneath
range with a flashlight to make sure one of the rear
leveling legs is properly engaged in the bracket slot. The
anti-tip device secures the rear leveling leg to the floor
when properly engaged. You should check this anytime
the range has been moved.
To Prevent Fire or
Smoke Damage
Be sure all packing materials are removed from the
appliance before operating it.
Keep area around appliance clear and free from
combustible materials. Flammable materials should not
be stored in an oven.
Many plastics are vulnerable to heat. Keep plastics away
from parts of the appliance that may become warm or
To prevent grease fires, do not let cooking grease or other
flammable materials accumulate in or near the appliance.
In Case of Fire
Use dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher or baking
soda to smother fire or flame. Never use water on a
grease fire.
1. Turn off appliance to avoid spreading the flame.
2. NEVER pick up or move a flaming pan.
3. Smother fire or flame by closing the oven door.
Turn off ventilating hood to avoid spreading the flame.
Extinguish flame then turn on hood to remove smoke
and odor.


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