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Status Window - Canon Laser Shot LBP-1110 User Manual

Canon laser beam printer user's guide.
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A type of cable that contains a metallic sheath over the conductor
material to protect the data passing through the cable from
electromagnetic interference. You need to use a double-shielded interface
cable with this printer.
Sound file
A file containing audio information that can be played by a sound driver.
The Canon Advanced Printing Technology includes a sound driver and
sound files that play to indicate printing conditions.
A process by which an application sends a document to the Spooler,
rather than directly to the printer, thus freeing the computer and
application for other tasks. Spooled documents are printed in the order
they are received.
Start menu
The menu that presents commands that are a starting point for all work
you do on your computer, such as starting a program, opening a
document, finding a file, and getting help. You open the Start menu by
clicking the Start button displayed on the Desktop.
Status options
Settings which determine when the Printer Status Window opens and
whether sounds play with messages.

Status Window

A window that the Canon Advanced Printing Technology uses to display
messages about the current print job, as well as to graphically show the
print job's progress from computer to printer.
Title bar
The horizontal bar that contains the title of a window or dialog box. On
many windows, the title bar contains the Control menu box and
Maximize and Minimize buttons.


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