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Section 3 — Information Security
Fax Transmission
The PC Fax function can fax documents from the PC via Network, using a Fax driver that runs on
the PC. However, data transfer from the PC via Network to the device and data transfer (FAX
transmission) from the phone line via the G3 FAX board is structurally separated.
Fax Received
Although a received fax document can be accessed from the network through the Confidential Fax
Mail Box function inherent in the device or automatically forwarded to a network, it is not
possible to breach the network in either instance as these capabilities are afforded following
completion of facsimile communication. Since the data stored in the Confidential Fax Mail Box is
in a format proprietary to Canon, there is no threat of virus infection. Even if the device receives a
data file pretending to be a FAX image data but contains a virus, the received data must be
decoded first. While trying to decode the virus the phone line will be disconnected with a decode
error and the received data will be discarded. The Super G3 Fax Boards cannot receive data files,
but are only capable of receiving and decoding facsimile transmissions. As a result, virus-laden
files sent to an imageRUNNER ADVANCE system via its phone line connection cannot be
Fax Polling
Fax Polling is the only function that enables users to handle documents stored in a polling box.
Any action associated with these documents stored in a polling box is performed using G3 Fax
protocols, which provide no means of accessing a local network.
Other Fax Features
Fax Forwarding / Mailbox Fax Forwarding
The Fax Forwarding function allows imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems equipped with a fax
board to forward inbound fax transmissions to specific recipients. This is done by setting
predetermined conditions or storing faxes in a secure Memory Reception Inbox for later printing
rather than permitting incoming messages to pile up in an open output tray.
Advanced Box Fax Forwarding & Fax Received Notification
Similar to the Fax Forwarding function, imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems support the
capability to define separate forwarding rules based on the line upon which the fax was received.
Each fax can be routed to a specific shared or personal space Advanced Box location, database,
file server, Confidential Fax inbox or another fax device. When used in conjunction with the Job
Forwarding to Advanced Box function, the Fax Received Notification feature sends an e-mail to
designated recipients to immediately alert them of a new fax.
Fax Destination Confirmation
To help prevent faxed documents from being inadvertently sent to the wrong destination,
imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems offer a Confirm Entered Fax Number feature for additional
protection. When enabled on the device by an administrator, users will be prompted to re-enter the
recipient's fax number prior to sending in order to confirm that it matches the original one
specified. If the fax numbers do not match, the user will be prompted to enter the original number
again and re-confirm.
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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