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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 3 — Information Security
Fax Storage Space
Fax Mail Box and Advanced Box Fax Security
Incoming faxes on imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems can be automatically routed to a
designated Mail Box or Advanced Box, which can be password-protected to prevent the contents
from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.
One of the most common means for unauthorized people to gain access to any connected device is through
a network, either wired or wireless. Canon provides administrators with a host of powerful controls to limit
access to authorized users and devices, enable and disable system services, and ensure the privacy of
information sent over networks through strong encryption technologies.
Section 4 — Network Security
4.1 – Network and Print Security (Canon Network Printer Kit Only)
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems include a number of highly configurable network security features that
assist in securing information when the optional Network Print Kit is installed. Standard network security features
include the ability to permit only authorized users and groups to access and print to the device, limiting device
communications to designated IP/MAC addresses, and controlling the availability of individual network protocols
and ports as desired.
Enabling/Disabling Protocols/Applications
Through Canon's device setup and installation utilities, network administrators are provided with the ability to
configure the specific device protocols and service ports that are accessible. As a result, unwanted device
communication and system access via specific transport protocols can be effectively blocked.
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems have the ability to disable unused TCP/IP ports to further secure the
devices. Disabling ports affects the available functions and applications on the device. Configurable ports* include:
TCP 21
File Transfer [Control]
TCP 25
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
TCP 80
World Wide Web HTTP
TCP 139
NETBIOS Session Service
HTTP protocol over TSL/SSL. Can
TCP 443
be used with the following
Settlings / Registration > Preferences > Network > TCP /
Settlings / Registration > Preferences > Function Settings
> Send > Email / I-Fax Settings Communication Settings
Settings / Registration > Preferences > Network > TCP /
Settings / Registration > Preferences > Network > SMB
Settings / Registration > Management Settings > License
Remote UI
/ Other > Remote UI > Select On > Use SSL, Select On
Settings / Registration > Management Settings > License
MEAP Settings
/ Other > MEAP Settings > SSL Settings > Select On or
Settings / Registration > Preferences > Network >
IPP Print Settings
TCP/IP Settings > IPP Print Settings > Select On > Use
Setting location
IP Settings > FTP Print Settings
IP Settings > Use HTTP
Server Settings > Use SMB
or Off
SSL, Select On or Off
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security
Functions Impacted By This Port
If disabled, FTP printing/scanning options will be
E-mail and I-Fax sending capability are enabled
through this function.
No access to the imageRUNNER Remote UI utility
if disabled. Printing over IPP will cease if disabled.
Scanning to a windows folder will be affected.
If enabled, all network traffic between user pc and
imageRUNNER device via the Remote UI utility is



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