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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 3 — Information Security
Other Document Security Capabilities
Watermark / Secure Watermark
To discourage the unauthorized copying or sending of confidential information, imageRUNNER
ADVANCE systems support the ability to embed user-defined text within the background of any
print or copy job. When duplicates are made by photocopying, the secure watermark appears. The
optional Secure Watermark feature can be set for all print jobs, or assigned by the user through the
print driver. Users can also define custom or preset watermarks to appear in any position on
copied output.
Encrypted PDF
The Encrypted PDF mode within the optional Scan and Send Security Feature Set enables users to
encrypt, set password and define permissions for PDF files that are sent to an e-mail address or
file server for enhanced security. Only users who enter the correct password can open, print, or
change the received PDF file.
Encrypted PDF mode can be used only if an e-mail address or file server is specified as the
destination. If a fax number, I-fax address, or inbox is specified as the destination, a user
cannot send the job as an encrypted PDF file. Encrypted PDF files can be saved using 40bit
RC4, 128bit RC4 or the 128bit AES algorithms. When sending with Encrypted PDF 128bit
AES, Acrobat 7.0 or later is required to open the PDF file.
Digital Signature PDF (Device and User Signature)
Within Scan and Send, users can add digital signatures that verify the source and authenticity of a
PDF or XPS document. When recipients open a PDF or XPS file that has been saved with a digital
signature, they can view the document's properties to review the signature's contents including the
Certificate Authority, system product name, serial number and the Time/Date stamp of when it
was created. If the signature is a device signature it will also contain the name of the device that
created the document, while a user signature verifies the identity of the authenticated user that sent
or saved the document.
The Device Signature PDF and the Device Signature XPS mode use the device signature
certificate and key pair inside the machine to add a digital signature to the document, which
enables the recipient to verify the device that scanned it. If the optional Digital User Signature
PDF kit is activated, users can install a digital signature that embeds their name and e-mail address
to confirm their identity as the source of the document and provides notification if changes have
been made. In order to use Digital User Signature Mode, SSO authentication must be enabled and
a valid certificate installed on the device.
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems also support a feature called PDF Visible Digital
Signature, which forces the display of the digital signature on the first page of the PDF file rather
than recipients having to open the document's properties. Users can select the visible signature
from the Scan and Send screen and choose its position and orientation on the page. This not only
makes the digital signature more prominent, but also ensures that the digital signature appears on
any printed versions of the document.
Copy Set Numbering
All imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems support the ability to add copy set numbers to copied
and printed output in a user-defined region on the page. Copy set numbering offers a means to
track documents by the set number that a recipient receives.
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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