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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 3 — Information Security
Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES*
In general, once a PDF is created it can be openly exchanged if it is unencrypted and/or not
secured by a password. Organizations that require more precise control over their information can
integrate an imageRUNNER ADVANCE system with an Adobe LiveCycle
ES server. The Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES application makes it possible to enforce
dynamic document policies for choosing the authenticated users that are authorized to view its
contents, define expiration dates, track distribution and define watermarks. Once the document's
privileges have been set, it will contact the Adobe LiveCycle
Internet to enforce the latest policy.
Document Scan Lock & Trace
The optional Document Scan Lock & Tracking feature of imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems
enables documents to include embedded tracking information such as usernames, date stamps, and
device name within the background. The embedded information is not readable by users, and can
only be accessed by system administrators. The tracking information can also contain policy
information that determines whether the document can be copied or scanned on other
imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems with Document Scan Lock enabled.
Please refer to Section 6 — Logging & Auditing on page 30 for a more detailed description on the
Document Scan Lock & Trace feature.
* The PDF/A-1b and Encrypted PDF file formats are not compatible with Adobe LiveCycle
The Scan Lock feature enables the following restrictions to be applied to a document:
Complete Restriction: No one can make any copy/send/fax.
Password Authentication: Allows the ability to make copy/send/fax only if the proper password
is entered.
User Authentication: Allows the ability to make copy/send/fax only to original authorized user
logged into the device with the proper User ID and Password.
System administrators can choose to force all scan and copy jobs to apply Document Scan Lock &
Tracking code onto each print job, as well as choose whether to allow all or prohibit all copy,
scan, send and fax jobs of documents that contain the hidden tracking code.
For more information on Document Scan Lock & Tracking as it pertains to tracing, please
consult the Logging & Auditing section in this document.
3.2 – Data Security*
A wide variety of device and network security features are standard on imageRUNNER ADVANCE
systems. Canon recognizes that each customer's needs are different, therefore Canon offers various
advanced security options to assist companies in meeting their internal privacy goals and address regulatory
guidelines that may be applicable to certain environments.
These options have been developed in accordance with the extended security requests of key customers and
U.S. government agencies. Canon offers advanced security features that protect data stored on the device
and during transmission.
Rights Management server over the
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security
Rights Management
Rights Management ES.



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