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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 2 — Device Security
Access Code for Address Book
End-users will also have the capacity to place an access number code on addresses in the Address
Book. When registering an address, users can then enter an Access Number to restrict the display
of that entry in the Address Book. This function limits the display and use of an address in the
Address Book to those users who have the correct code. The Access Number can be turned on or
off, depending on the level of security the end-user finds necessary.
Settings / Registration > Register Destinations > Register New Destinations, from here the user
can register an new e-mail address, fax number, I-Fax, file or group address and set an access code
for that specific address entry in the address book.
Destination Restriction Function
Data transmission to a new destination through the Scan and Send and Fax function can be
restricted, prohibiting transmissions to locations other than the destinations registered or permitted
by the System Manager.
In addition to restricting all new destinations, administrators can also restrict the addition of new
addresses for specific destination types that are available to users when sending documents with
Scan and Send and Fax. Permissions can be set to enable or disable the entry of new addresses for
the following:
Entries in the Address Book
LDAP Servers
User Inboxes
One-touch Buttons
Favorites Buttons
The User's E-mail Address (Send to Myself, if Using SSO Login)
Print Driver Security Features
Print Job Accounting
A standard feature in Canon's printer drivers, print job accounting requires users to enter an
administrator-defined password prior to printing, thereby restricting device access to those
authorized to print. Printing restrictions can be set using Department ID credentials or through the
Access Management System.
Custom Driver Configuration Tool
Administrators can create custom driver profiles for users to limit access to print features and
specify default settings, thereby protecting the device against unauthorized use, enforcing internal
policies and better controlling output costs. Security conscious settings that can be defined and
enforced include duplex output, secure print, B&W only on color devices, watermarks and custom
print profiles, as well as hiding any desired functions. For easier deployment, the customized
drivers can be distributed to desktops across the organization through the Printer Driver
Management Plug-in for imageWARE Enterprise Management Console (iWEMC).
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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