Addendum - Canon Paper Shredder User Manual

Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 9 — Addendum
9.1 – Canon Security Recommendations Quick Reference
Each customer's needs are different, and while the security of corporate data is ultimately the responsibility
of the customer, the security technologies outlined below may help support your organization's information
security needs. The following actions are recommended by Canon as appropriate first steps in securing an
imageRUNNER ADVANCE system for most environments. While these suggestions assist in enhancing
device security, internal company security policies should ultimately dictate which security measures are
appropriate for implementation within a specific environment.
1. Choose a form of User Authentication and/or Access Control
2. Set the system administrator ID and password
3. Disable unused ports and applications (e.g. FTP, RUI)
4. Set passwords for Mail Boxes and Advanced Boxes
5. Restrict printing and RUI access to specific IP or MAC addresses
6. Set passwords for Address Book management
7. Change the SNMP community strings
8. Disable the USB port if unused
9. Utilize Optional Hard Disk Drive Erase Kit or Hard Disk Drive Encryption Kit to ensure integrity
of data stored on internal Hard Disk Drives
10. Monitor the devices using imageWARE EMC
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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