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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 6 — Logging & Auditing
1. Ability to embed hidden Tracking Information such as User Name, Date/Time and Device Name
on the background of the copied and printed document
2. Document Scan Code Analyzer for MEAP allows you to track Who, When and with Which device
the document was copied or printed by simply scanning the document on the device
3. Only the authorized personnel can access to the tracking information of the document by entering
a required password
The Document Scan Code Analyzer for MEAP, which is available only to users in the system
administrators group, can track who, when and with which device the document was copied or printed by
simply scanning the document containing the hidden tracking code on the device.
For more information on the Document Scan Lock & Trace feature, please refer to the Document
Security section.
6.2 – Canon imageWARE Accounting Manager Plug-in
Canon imageWARE Accounting Manager provides enhanced audit tracking capabilities to the end-user
environment. In addition to tracking usage by Department ID or SSO account, imageWARE Accounting
Manager in conjunction with SSO will provide the ability to track usage per individual user.
Canon imageWARE Accounting Manager provides the capability to:
Track copy, scan, send & fax jobs.
Track by paper type, single and double-sided output or N-Up output
Track by device
Track by Individual, group or department
Track by black-and-white or color copy/print jobs
Multi-tiered billing codes for charge back purposes
Analyze department/device workload
Enforce usage limits
Export reports
Input billing codes from the device control panel through a MEAP application
Canon imageWARE Accounting Manager uses the Department ID of authenticated users to manage and
track usage. When SSO authentication is used, administrators can map the user credentials to the respective
Active Directory account for tracking.
6.3 – Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Tracker
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials option includes the Tracker feature that provides the ability for
users, administrators and other accounting-related departments to monitor, manage, and allocate costs in
real-time to prevent inefficient and wasteful usage. Tracker is a server-less solution for cost recovery that
can be viewed from the device's control panel, via the web, through automated e-mail reports, or through
integration with imageWARE Enterprise Management Console Accounting Manager Plug-In for more in-
depth reporting.
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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