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Canon paper shredder user manual
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Section 5 — Security Monitoring & Management Tools
configuration information and address books using SSL encryption, as well as distributing standard and
custom driver configurations to client workstations on the network.
5.2 – Restricting Device Setup Screens
Administrators can lock-out access to device setup screens for unauthorized users from the control panel
and Remote UI utility in an effort to protect its configuration information.
For more information on restricting access to the device's setup screens, please refer to the Device
Security section.
5.3 – Access Management System
The Access Management System enables the ability for administrators to restrict access to the features of
the system at the device or function level. If device authentication is used, users will need to login prior to
accessing the Main Menu. If Function Level Authentication in the Access Management System is used,
users will be prompted for their credentials to use certain, often sensitive device features.
For more information on the Access Management System, please refer to the Device Security section.
Section 6 — Logging & Auditing
Few security procedures can completely prevent the intentional leak of confidential information while
maintaining high productivity, but if an occurrence does happen it is important to be able to trace it to the
source. Canon has developed a number of cutting-edge technologies to provide administrators with
powerful ways to discourage leaks and investigate unauthorized access.
6.1 – Document Scan Lock & Trace
On imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems, users and administrators can enable the optional Document Scan
Lock & Trace feature to place restrictions on the use of hardcopy originals. If a locked document is copied,
scanned or faxed on another imageRUNNER ADVANCE system with the document scan lock trace feature
installed and enabled, the operation will be locked-out and a record of its unauthorized copying with the
user's name will be logged.
The "Lock" capability of the Scan Lock Trace feature needs to be separated from the "Trace" capability
and the details listed below need to be added:
The available restrictions are as follows:
1. Prohibit All: No one can make any copy/send/fax
2. Password Authentication: Allow to make copy/send/fax only if proper password is entered
3. User Authentication: Allow to make copy/send/fax only to authorized user with proper User ID
and Password
White Paper: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Security



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