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9: Calibrating The Appropriate Speaker Settings Automatically (auto Calibration) - Sony STR-DN1000 Operating Instructions Manual

Multi channel av receiver.
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9: Calibrating the
appropriate speaker
settings automatically
(Auto Calibration)
This receiver is equipped with DCAC (Digital
Cinema Auto Calibration) function which
allows you to perform automatic calibration to
measure the following:
• Speaker connections
• Polarity of speakers
• Speaker distance
• Speaker size
• Speaker level
• Frequency characteristics
The measurement result is not utilized when the
"Analog Direct" is selected.
• Signals with a sampling frequency of higher than
96 kHz are always played back at either 44.1 kHz
or 48 kHz.
• The measurement result is not utilized when
Dolby TrueHD signals with a sampling
frequency of higher than 96 kHz are being
The DCAC is designed to obtain proper sound
balance in your room. However, you can
adjust the speaker levels and balance manually
according to your preference. For details, see
"Test Tone (Test tone)" (page 68).
Before you perform Auto
Before you perform the Auto Calibration, set
up and connect the speakers (page 16–18).
• The AUTO CAL MIC jack is used for the
supplied optimizer microphone only. Do not
connect other microphones to this jack.
Doing so may damage the receiver and the
• During the measurement, the sound that
comes out of the speakers is very loud. The
volume of the sound cannot be adjusted. Pay
attention to the presence of children or to the
effect on your neighborhood.
• Perform the measurement in a quiet
environment to avoid the effect of noise and
get a more accurate measurement.
• If there are any obstacles in the path between
the optimizer microphone and the speakers,
the calibration cannot be performed
correctly. Remove any obstacles from the
measurement area to avoid measurement
• When you use a bi-amplifier connection, set
"SB Assign" to "BI-AMP" in the Speaker
Settings menu (page 66) before you perform
Auto Calibration.
• When you use front speakers B connection,
set "SB Assign" to "Speaker B" in the
Speaker Settings menu (page 66) before you
perform Auto Calibration.
• If you want to use surround amplifier, be
sure to pair the surround amplifier to S-AIR
main unit before you perform Auto
Calibration (page 93).
• Select the seating position as position 1, 2 or
3 to save the Auto Calibration result (page
• The Auto Calibration function does not work in the
following cases.
– Headphones are connected
– SPEAKERS is set to off.
• If you activate the muting function during Auto
Calibration, the muting function will automatically
be set to off.


Table of Contents

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