Assembly Instructions - Black & Decker Signature 6500 Series Manual

5-burner split lid lp gas grill
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Remove all contents from the carton packaging. Make sure all parts are present before attempting assembly.
Once the grill is fully assembled, go back and check to make certain all the bolts are secure. Tighten again
using the screwdriver provided if necessary.
Estimated Assembly Time: 25 minutes
Step 2
(Assemble the side burner valve and knob)
a) Insert the side burner valve through the hole on the
right side table.
b) Align the holes on the side burner knob seat (E) with
the holes on the right side table and the side burner
valve. Screw one M4x10 bolt (CCC) with one M4 flat
washer (FFF) into each pre-drilled hole by hand.
Tighten bolts using the screwdriver provided.
Insert the knob (D) onto the valve shaft.
Owner's Manual

Assembly Instructions

Step 1
a) Loosen the bolts (pre-installed) on the left side of body
b) Align the holes on the left side table (B) with the bolts
c) Align the holes on the left side table with the holes on
d) Insert one M6x15 bolt (BBB), one M6 spring washer
e) Repeat the procedure for the right side table (C) with
f) Go back and tighten all bolts using the screwdriver
Step 3
Heating plate, cooking grid and warming rack assembly)
a) Place the heating plates (G) upon the burners.
Place the cooking grids (H) upon the heating plates.
Place the left warming rack (F) and right warming rack (K) on the
warming rack support as show.
Close the top lids.
(Assemble the side tables with body assembly)
assembly and allow
bolt's length to extend from the
body assembly.
extended from the left side of body assembly. Push
down the left side table until it locks into place.
body assembly.
(EEE) and one M6 flat washer (DDD) into each
pre-drilled hole. Tighten bolts by hand until secure.
body assembly.


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