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5-burner split lid lp gas grill
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Step 4 (Side burner frame assembly)
a) Open the side burner lid and place the side burner frame
(L) on the right side table. Make certain the venturi tube
is connected properly with valve.
b) Align the holes on the side burner frame (L) with the
holes on the right side table. Insert one M4x10 bolt
(CCC), one M4 spring washer (GGG) with one M4 flat
washer (FFF) into each pre-drilled hole.
c) Go back to tighten all the bolts using screwdriver
d) Insert the ignition cable onto the electrode.
e) Close the lid.
Step 6 (Assemble the LED light)
a) Put the batteries (HHH) into the pre-installed battery
box. Note to the negative and positive direction.
b) Connect the LED Light cables together.
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Step 5 (Assemble the grease tray with grease tray support)
a) Place the grease tray (M) into the grease tray support from the
front level as shown.
Step7 (Gas Tank Connection)
a) Open the cart doors.
b) Place gas tank on the tank holder and clip it using
the tank clip (N).
c) Connect the tank with regulator by screwing the
collar onto the tank valve.
d) Conduct the leak test on page 10 to make certain
all connections are connected securely.


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