Care And Maintenance - Black & Decker Signature 6500 Series Manual

5-burner split lid lp gas grill
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Always allow to completely cool off before covering your grill to prevent corrosion from condensation.
Caution: All cleaning and maintenance should be done when the grill is cool, with the fuel supply turned off at the control dial
and the propane cylinder disconnected. DO NOT clean any grill part in a self-cleaning oven. The extreme heat will damage the
Burning off the grill after every use (approx. 15 minutes) will keep excessive food residue from building up. Clean the grill before
and after cooking is recommended.
Recommended cleaning materials -
Mild dishwashing liquid detergent
Nylon cleaning pad
Paper clip
Compressed air
DO NOT use cleaners that contain acid, mineral spirits or xylene.
Outside surfaces
Use a mild dishwashing detergent and hot water solution to clean. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Inside surface
If the inside surface of the grill lid has the appearance of peeling paint, baked on grease has turned to carbon and is flaking off.
Clean thoroughly with a strong solution of detergent and hot water. Rinse with water and allow it to completely dry.
Interior of grill bottom – Remove residue using brush, scraper and/or cleaning pad. Wash with a dishwashing detergent and hot
water solution. Rinse with water and let dry.
Cooking Grates – The porcelain grates have a glass-like composition that should be handled with care. Use a mild dishwashing
detergent or baking soda and hot water solution. Non-abrasive scouring powder can be used on stubborn stains. Rinse with water.
Heat Plates – Clean residue with wire brush and wash with soapy water. Rinse with water.
Grease Cup – Periodically empty the grease cup and clean with a dishwashing detergent and hot water solution.
Cleaning the Burner Assembly
Turn gas off at the control knobs and propane tank.
Remove cooking grates and heat plate.
Remove grease cup.
Remove burner by unscrewing nut from beneath burner "foot" using a screwdriver and pliers.
Lift burner up and away from the gas valve orifice.
Clean inlet (venturi tube) of burner with small bottle brush or compressed air.
Remove all food residue and dirt on outside of burner surface.
Clean any clogged ports with a stiff wire (such as an opened paper clip).
Inspect burner for damage (cracks or holes). If damage is found, replace with a new burner. Reinstall burner. Make certain the
gas valve orifices are correctly positioned, pointing straight into burner inlet (venturi tube). Also, check position of spark
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Care and Maintenance

Hot water
Wire brush
Putty knife/scraper


Table of Contents

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