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5-burner split lid lp gas grill
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Out of adjustment: Noisy hard blue
flames – too much air.
Burner Installation and adjustment
1. Place edge face up to
install the burner
Lighting Infrared/Searing Burner
1. Open lid while lighting burner.
2. Make sure the control knob is locked in the OFF position.
3. Open cylinder valve.
4. Push and turn control knob to HIGH setting. After lighting, please observe the ceramic plate on the surface of burner; it
should feel warm after 5-10 seconds and the color of the ceramic plate should turn red in 2-3 minutes.
5. If burner does not light on the first try, turn the control knob to its OFF position and wait 5 minutes for gas to clear before
trying again. If burner flame goes out during operation, immediately turn the gas OFF and open lid to let the gas clear for
about 5 minutes. Attempt to re-light.
6. Clean your grill after each use, DO NOT use abrasive or flammable cleansers, as it will damage the parts of this product and
may start a fire. Clean with warm soapy water.
Observing the Heat and Color of the Infrared Ceramic Burner when lit
● Flame of infrared burner might be visible in shaded area.
● After burner is lit, it should feel warm in 5-10 seconds and color of the ceramic plate turns red in approximately 2-3 minutes.
Owner's Manual
Observe flame height when lit:
Flame should be a blue/yellow color between 1 to 2 inches high.
2 in.
1 in.
Confirm that the burner is properly lit and that the flame pattern is as desired (see fig. A,B
and C below for the proper flame patterns). If the flame pattern is other than normal, consult
0 in.
the Troubleshooting on page 15 for corrective action.
Normal: Soft blue flames with yellow tips
between I inch - 2 inches high.
1. Release the screw on venturi tube.
2. Adjust the flame by turning the collar on head
of venturi tube from back side of the grill and
do not take apart the venturi tube.
3. Tighten the screw and make certain it is
Poor combustion: Wavy, yellow
flames- too little air.
1. Overlap 14 mm between
venturi tube and nozzle
when assembling.
2. Keep the center line of
venturi tube and nozzle on
one line.


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