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5-burner split lid lp gas grill
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Connecting & Disconnecting the Gas Cylinder
LP (Propane) Gas Supply Connection
1. Always place the propane cylinder on the tank brackets located on the right side of the cart.
2. Always confirm that all burner control knobs are in the OFF position before activating the gas supply.
3. Before connection, be sure that there is no debris caught in the head of the gas cylinder, head of
the regulator valve, or in the head of the burner and burner ports.
4. Always connect the gas supply regulators as follows:
Insert the nipple of the valve coupling into the tank valve and tighten the connection collar by
turning it clockwise with one hand while holding the regulator with the other hand.
(See diagram to right.)
5. Disconnect the propane cylinder from the regulator valve when the grill is not in use.
6. Always confirm that burner control knobs are in "OFF" position before disconnecting the gas supply.
7. Before disconnection, make sure that the tank valve is in the "OFF" position.
8. Always disconnecting the gas supply regulators as follows:
Loosen the connection collar by turning it counter-clockwise with one hand while holding the regulator
with the other hand and take the nipple of the valve out of the tank valve (see the diagram right).
9. Place dust cap on cylinder valve outlet whenever the cylinder is not in use. Install only the type of dust cap on cylinder valve
outlet that is provided with the cylinder valve. Other types of caps or plugs may result in leakage of propane.
To prevent fire or explosion hazard when testing for a leak:
Always perform the "leak test" on page 11 before lighting the grill and each time the cylinder is connected for use.
Do not smoke or allow other sources of ignition in the area while conducting a leak test.
Conduct the leak test outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
Do not use matches, lighters or a flame to check for leaks.
Do not use grill until all leaks have been stopped. If you are unable to stop a leak, disconnect the propane supply, call for gas
appliance service or your local propane gas supplier.
Make 2-3 oz. of leak solution by mixing one part liquid dishwashing soap with three parts water.
Make sure control knobs are in the "OFF" position.
Spray some solution on the tank valve up to the regulator connection.
(See diagram to right.)
Inspect the solution at the connections for bubbles. If no bubbles appear,
the connection is secure.
If bubbles appear, you have a leak. Go to step 6.
Disconnect the regulator from the tank and reconnect. Make sure the connection is secured.
Retest with solution.
If you continue to see bubbles, replace the cylinder.
Danger: Failure to open lid while igniting the grill's burners or not waiting five minutes to allow gas to clear if the grill does not
light, may result in an explosion, which could cause serious bodily injury or death.
WARNING: Never stand with your head directly over the grill when preparing to light the main burners, to prevent possible
bodily injury.
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