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Storage Bins - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator
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Table of Contents
Storage Features
4 Pull the shelf assembly forward off of the rear
support pins and out of the fridge.
To reinstall the Perfect Temp Drawer Shelf
1 Position rear of shelf assembly so that the
rear support pins on the fridge liner slide into
the support grooves in the rear of the shelf
2 Slide the shelf assembly fully to the back of
the fridge.
3 Lower the front of the shelf assembly so that
the front support groves in the shelf align with
and the front support pins on the fridge liner.
4 Drop the shelf down insuring that the support
pins fully snap into the grooves in the shelf.
5 Reconnect the frame connector to the control
unit and reinstall the drawer.
Refrigerator on/off button and the
Perfect Temp Drawer
When the refrigerator is turned off by pressing the
main Wave-Touch or IQ-Touch on/off button the
Perfect Temp Drawer will also be turned off. When
the refrigerator is turned back on the Perfect Temp
Drawer will resume operation at the temp setting
that was set before the refrigerator was turned off.
Sabbath Mode and the Perfect Temp
The Perfect Temperature Drawer should be turned
off for the Sabbath/Holidays. Before putting the
refrigerator into the Sabbath mode, turn the Perfect
Temp Drawer off by pressing the drawer on/off
button. The display will show "OFF" and the drawer
will turn off. Then enter the Sabbath mode function
on the main refrigerator display. See Wave-Touch/
IQ-Touch "Sabbath Mode" section. The drawer
display will now not illuminate and the drawer
will remain off. The drawer can still be used as a
non temp controlled drawer in this mode. When
the refrigerator is taken out of Sabbath mode the
Perfect Temp Drawer will have to be turned back

Storage bins

The doors to your freezer and fresh food
compartments use a system of modular storage
bins. All of these bins are removable for easy
cleaning. Some of them have fixed positions, while
others can be adjusted to your needs.
Door bins are ideal for storing jars, bottles, cans,
and large drink containers. They also enable quick
selection of frequently used items.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents