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Connecting The Water Supply - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents

Connecting The Water Supply

About your refrigerator's water supply
The automatic ice & water dispenser on your
refrigerator requires a permanent water supply
to function correctly. During installation, you
(or a service professional) establish this water
supply by connecting a copper tube from your
household water system to a valve at the rear of
the refrigerator.
You may have already followed the directions in
the Installation Instructions to connect the water
supply. This information is repeated here for future
reference if you need to relocate your refrigerator.
To avoid property damage:
• Use copper tubing for the water supply
line (plastic tubing is more likely to leak).
Manufacturer is not responsible for any
damage if plastic tubing is used for supply
• Ensure water supply and installation comply
with state and local laws and regulations.
• For proper dispenser operation,
recommended water supply pressure
should fall between 30 psi and 100 psi.
Excessive pressure may cause water filter
to malfunction.
What you will need:
• Access to a cold water line with pressure of
30-100 psi. (System supplied with cold water
• Copper tubing with ¼ inch (6.4mm) Outside
Diameter (OD). Length for this tubing is the
distance from the rear of the refrigerator to
your household water supply line plus seven
feet (2.1 meters).
• A shut-off valve for the connection between
your household water line and the refrigerator
supply line.
Do not use a self-piercing shut-off valve.
• A compression nut and ferrule (sleeve) for
the water supply connection at the rear of
your refrigerator.
A kit is available from your dealer that provides all
materials for a water supply installation, including
25 feet of copper tubing and full instructions.
Plastic Water Tubing
to Ice Maker
Fill Tube
Copper water line
from household water supply
(Include enough tubing in loop to allow
moving refrigerator out for cleaning.)
To connect the water supply to the rear
of your refrigerator:
1 Ensure that the refrigerator is not plugged in.
2 Flush the supply line until water is clear by
placing the end of the copper tube in a sink
or bucket and opening the shut-off valve.
3 Unscrew the plastic cap from the water valve
inlet at the rear of your refrigerator. Discard
the cap.
4 Slide the brass compression nut, then the
ferrule (sleeve) onto copper tube.
5 Push the copper tube into water valve inlet as
far as it will go (¼ inch).
6 Slide the ferrule (sleeve) into valve and
finger-tighten the compression nut onto valve.
Tighten another half turn with a wrench. Do
not over-tighten.
water line
Water Valve
Valve Inlet
Water Valve

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents