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Changing The Filter - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents

Changing The Filter

Locating the filters
Your refrigerator is equipped with separate water
and air filtering systems. The water filter system
filters all dispensed drinking water, as well as
the water used to produce ice. The air filter
removes odors and impurities from the refrigerator
Water filter
The water filter is located at the top right side of the
fresh food compartment.
Air filter
The air filter is located at the top of the fresh food
compartment next to the water filter.
Replacing the air filter
In general, you should change the air filter every
six months (the filter status light on the Touch Panel
prompts you to replace the filter after six months)
to ensure optimal filtering of refrigerator odors. You
may want to adjust this time period depending on
the types and amounts of food you typically store in
your refrigerator. To replace your PureAdvantage
air filter:
1 Pull the air filter housing straight out.
2 Remove the old filter and discard it.
3 Unpack the new filter and place it inside the
4 Slide the housing back into position.
5 Press and hold the Air Filter Reset button
on the electronic control panel for three
seconds. When the display changes from
"Replace" to "Good," the status has been
6 The Air Filter Reset will turn itself off after a
few seconds.
The electronic touch panel, located at the freezer
door, includes controls to monitor the status of
your air filter. See the Controls section for more
information about these controls.
Replacing the water filter
In general, you should change the water filter
every six months to ensure highest possible
water quality. The Water Filter Status light on
the Touch Panel prompts you to replace the filter
after a standard amount of water (400 gallons for
) has flowed through the system.
If your refrigerator has not been used for a period
of time (during moving for example), change the
filter before reinstalling the refrigerator.
Ordering replacement filters
Order new filters by calling toll-free, 877/808-4195,
visiting, or seeing
the dealer where you bought your refrigerator.
Electrolux recommends that you order extra filters
when you first install your refrigerator, and that you
replace your filters at least once every six months.
Here is the product number to request when
water Filter and Air Filter
Part #EAFWF01

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents