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Special Items Rack; Crisper Humidity Control - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
To remove the Crisper Drawer:
1 Wearing safety glasses, gently place a flat-
head screwdriver behind the snap between
the metal slide and the crisper pan.
2 Carefully rotate a quarter (1/4) turn. Do not
use a prying motion as this may damage
your crisper.
3 Lift the front slightly and remove the drawer.

Crisper humidity control

Crisper drawers include a sliding control for
adjusting the humidity inside the crisper. This
feature can extend the life of certain fresh
vegetables that keep longer in high humidity.
Storage Features
Meat keeper (some models)
Some models are equipped with a meat keeper
drawer for short-term storage of bulk meat items.
This drawer includes a sliding control for adjusting
the temperature inside.
Any meat to be kept longer than two days should
be frozen. If you store fruits or vegetables in this
drawer, set it to a warmer temperature to prevent

Special items rack

The innovative design of the special items rack
allows you to store four bottles of wine or soft drink

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents