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Setting Cooling Temperatures - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator
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Table of Contents
Your refrigerator is equipped with a Wave-Touch
Panel user interface display. It is only necessary
to touch the glass. There is no need to press with
force. There are three levels of display.
Level: Sleep Mode
Sleep mode displays only the wATeR, CUBES
and CRUSHeD options. Touch an icon to activate
the desired dispenser mode. The active dispenser
mode is more brightly illuminated.
Level: Awakened Display Mode
The display is awakened by touching anywhere on
the glass where there is an indicator. Black space
will not awaken the display. After 10 seconds of
inactivity, the display will return to the Sleep mode.
The following dispenser options are illuminated:
fast ice
fast freeze
dispenser light
control lock
(some models)
Increases the production of ice
Activates a faster rate for freezing food
On / Off
Press and hold for three seconds to activate
and deactivate. This restricts undesired
changes to the refrigerators settings and
prevents use of the ice and water dispenser.
Level: User Variable Options
Touching the options icon displays the following
vacation mode
Conserves energy by increasing the time
between automatic defrost. This
feature is automatically activated during
long periods between door openings.
Vacation mode is manually activated when
the red indicator is lit.
water filter
Touch to display filter condition status.
Press and hold for three seconds to reset.
air filter
Touch to display filter status. Press and
hold for three seconds to reset.
temp display
When active, it allows the display of the
freezer and fridge temps during "Sleep
Mode". The temperature is displayed when
the red indicator is lit.
temp mode
Touch to toggle display from Fahrenheit to
mute sounds
Tones emitted by each keypress can be
turned off based on user preference. The
sounds are muted when the red indicator is
lit. Warning signals will stay active.
factory default
Resets all refrigerator settings such as
temp, temp display, and alarm tones to
their factory default settings.
on off
Press and hold for three seconds to turn off
the cooling system to clean the refrigera-
tor. It also turns off all dispenser functions.
The temperature display will read OFF.
Pressing the system off icon does not turn off
power to your refrigerator. You must unplug the
power cord from the wall outlet.

Setting cooling temperatures

1 Touch the glass panel to illuminate the 2
level of display.
2 Select the options icon. Plus (+) and minus

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents