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Door Bin - Electrolux EI23BC35K Use & Care Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator
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Table of Contents
To change the position of an adjustable

door bin:

1 Before adjusting a bin, remove all food.
2 Grip the bin firmly with both hands and lift it
3 Remove the bin.
4 Place the bin just above desired position.
5 Lower the bin onto supports until locked in
Storage Features
Tall bottle retainer
The tall bottle retainer
keeps tall containers
in the bin from
falling forward when
opening or closing
the refrigerator door.
To install, snap the
ends of the retainer
over the edge of
the retainer wall
as shown in the
Can rack
The can rack
allows you to
efficiently and
securely store up
to six 12-ounce
cans of beverage
Extra shelf
The extra shelf
attaches to the
top of the ice
dispenser container.
It allows storage
of both round and
rectangular cartons
such as your favorite
ice cream.
Pizza rack (some models)
This rack is attached
to the freezer wall
beside the ice
dispenser container.
This convenient area
allows for storage
of pizza and other
tall items placed
vertically between
the ice dispenser
container and the
freezer wall.
Can Rack

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents